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Is Staging really beneficial?

  • 46% of homes sell for an average of 10% more when it is staged.

    • 29% paid up to 5% more, 21% paid up to 10% more, 3% paid up to 20% more

  • 45% of buyers say it positively impacts the value of the home if it is decorated to the buyer’s tastes considering neutrality in the furnishings and décor.

  • 49% of buyers express that they are positively affected by home staging when they are touring a home.

  • 81% of buyers say home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home

  • Once staged, homes are on the market an average of 73% less time.

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How can I update the floorplan of my home? 

  • Remodeling is changing the structure and form of an existing home. For example gutting, removing or adding walls, and raising and lowering ceiling height generating a new floor plan for the home.  This is a rather costly option when improving a home.

  • Renovation is the act of renewing a home by updating elements of the structure and improving the quality of what is already there.  This process makes a home look better without a creating a completely new floor plan or concerning ourselves with the knowledge and research needed for installing vintage fixtures.

  • Restoration is the act of returning the home to its former condition. Historic homes are a great example of this process.  This service includes carefully repairing walls, fixing old fixtures or replacing them with replicas of the originals, removal of carpeting and refinishing of the original hard wood flooring underneath.  This is the most time consuming and research driven option when improving a home.

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What are the benefits of a SmartHome?

  • Maximize home security by connecting motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and automated door locks that will be operated and monitored from one location.  This system will notify you of intruders, glass breakage, and detection of motion and welcome you home with programmed customization that prepares the home for your safe return.

  • Increase energy efficiency by having more precise control over the heating and cooling as well as the lighting of your home.  You can adjust interior temperatures in the entire house or room by room remotely and as you enter and exit the home. Lighting will be controlled as you will be able to turn lights off and on for the whole house and as detailed as  light by light to your preference and needs.  

  • Gain insight into daily routines and habits by reviewing your patterns of behaviors during various times of the day.  This will allow you to be more informed of your current lifestyle and identify the need for habits you’d like to incorporate to achieve the lifestyle you truly want.

  • Allow for flexibility in adding new devices to the system for a holistic and seamless operation as technology advances.

~ "While away on vacation, we opened the curtains and played music for our cats, monitored our home through the camera system, and cooled the house temperature down during hot summer months so it was just as we desired upon our return."    ~ Client

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