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Our Services

At Home Design Innovations by MK we offer Award Winning Home Staging and Design Consultation, Renovation and Restoration, as well as Smart Home Conversion. Let us help you transform your home today!

Staging Services

Staging your home in preparation for the aggressive real estate market ensures that the unique and noteworthy features of your home are highlighted and celebrated. These special features must be paired with the desires and emotions of buyers so they will be compelled to consider purchasing the home at the listed price. Staging a home to sell has been a valuable asset to the real estate industry for many decades. It is a vocation and practice that has gained momentum in recent years due to the competitive nature of selling a home.  

We will look at your home from the buyer’s perspective and create an environment that is inviting and memorable providing everything required to achieve this from our large inventory of home furnishing and décor. We can also work with your existing furniture to relocate, repurpose, and add to it as needed to make the visual flow of your home appear to be spacious and attractive.  Your home will speak to buyers in a compelling and positive way.

Design Consultation

Real Estate has been our passion for many years, from furnishings to floor plans.  Our wide range of services and processes cover the spectrum of all aspects of home layout and design.  Whether we are designing the staging of furniture, accessories, and décor for visual flow through your home or remodeling, renovating, or restoring a property, we are specialists who are able to visualize and reach successful outcomes in multiple areas.  We can and will transform your home into a desirable, comfortable, and highly functional space that will satisfy all of your needs as well as appeal to potential buyers if you are entering the real estate market.

Smart Home Conversions

A Smart Home will make your life easier and more comfortable allowing you to live life in the utmost of conveniences.  This technology refers to a suite of devices, applications, and systems that connect to and operate through a centralized and common network.  Your home will be enabled to operate through simple voice commands that you desire and can use with ease. Smart Homes were once thought of as features only for those owning luxurious estates, our services make this technology available to all homeowners.  We are specialists is evaluating, supplying, and commanding any home to become Smart making it interactive and responsive to your needs and routines.

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